Why 1:1 Coaching?

Latino Men are working hard to live up to both cultural and societal standards. This means that we have to compete based on current societal norms while still remaining true to traditional familial expectations. The pressures of this reality create unique challenges for Latino Men that perpetuate a feeling of inadequacy and self imposed limitation. 

To complicate things further, many Latino Men want to challenge the negative attitudes and beliefs that we have been taught but we feel that there is nowhere to turn to engage in this much needed work. This leads to Latino Men feeling judged if they try to change and feeling alone with respect to being heard and supported. 

Latino Men want to take care of their familia. We want to make a good living and we want to pass on what we have learned to help others in our community. To accomplish this, Latino Men need to feel safe and supported when we choose to face their fears. We need help and feedback when we face their challenges and problems. Most importantly though, we need to be coached and held accountable as we strive to achieve our desired outcomes. 

Why coaching you might ask? Well, the reason for this is quite simple. 

Those who desire and deserve positive change the most are commonly those who are least supported as they try to make their desire a reality. This simple fact is my WHY!

From this why stems my commitment to those who want to change. I Help Latino Men UNLEASH Their Leadership Potential So They Can Access Power, Make Money, and Build Community While Not Feeling Judged or Alone.

I am committed to this wholeheartedly because I have been there. 

Being the first in my family to get advanced degrees and training, the first to have a professional career, the first to have access to resources and opportunities, I can attest to privately feeling unsure and alone. This was all done in private because of the cultural and societal pressures to demonstrate that I had everything under control.

So after 20 years of learning, creating, and achieving, I now feel compelled to Help Latino Men Unleash their Leadership Potential by listening, guiding, and supporting their efforts as they strive to attain their desired outcomes.

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