Public Speaking

YWCA of Southern Arizona Women’s Conference

BOLD & BAD@$! Leaders
C-Suite Executive Plenary Panel
The time to be Bold is now and it is important to hear from leaders who are at the forefront of Innovation and BAD@$! Leadership. This plenary will bring together four Executives at the top of their game. Hear from Luis A. Perales, CEO of the Institute for Transformative Education, Peggy Hutchinson, CEO of the Primavera Foundation, Daisy M. Jenkins, Esq., CEO of Daisy Jenkins & Associates, LLC, and Susan Gray, Vice President of Energy Delivery for Tucson Electric Power.

Ashoka U Exchange Big Idea Talk

Many discuss the broken state of our K12 education or the breaking state of higher education. Luis Perales of Changemaker High School and Anita Fernandez believe this is the wrong way to think about it. They dive into why we not only need to rethink high school, but the education sector as a system that can be an engine for social change. Big Idea Talks showcase ideas that inspire and teach the changemaker in us all. Big Idea Talks are produced by Ashoka U, a group dedicated to transforming higher education into a tool for social change.